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May 2011

Volume 21 Number 5
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Features in Review

From industry trends and state legislation to repair standards, here is an update on some of the topics we have covered in recent months.

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Industry Update:

  • Allstate Buys Esurance and Answer Financial for $1 Billion
  • Car Charge Group to Install Downtown Fort Lauderdale First Electric Car Charging Station at AutoNation Headquarters
  • Larry Northup Named AWDA Executive Director
  • American Claims Management Selects Mitchell for New Claims Management Platform
  • 3M Opens Car Care Center at Pep Boys
  • SCRS Introduces Guide to Complete Repair Planning Resource Online
  • Honest-1 Auto Care Offers Discounted Franchise Program for Military Veterans
  • CIC Repair Standards Advisory Committee Launches Business Case Development Project
  • PPG Presents Seven Excellent Supplier Awards for 2010
  • Audatex Offers $25,000 Matching Funds to Provide California School with Makeover Grant through Collision Repair Education Foundation
  • Ohio Technical College Offers Scholarship Prizes for the Dupli-Color Restoration Challenge Generation Next Promotion

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Editor's Page:

May 2010 Editor's Page
by Karen Kilbane, Editor

Get On Track

Market Watch:

May 2011 Market Watch
This month’s Market Watch features shops in Troy, NY from the east coast; Midwestern Fort Wayne, IN and Chicago, IL; Billings, MT from the plains; southern markets Sarasota, FL and Shreveport, LA; and southwestern Austin, TX.

Investment Update

Collision Repair Industry Stocks:Calm Is Good Charlie Baker's monthly review of publicly traded Collision Repair Industry stocks.

... Only two of our general stocks and two of our insurer stocks were off their New Year’s Day marks - and only slightly. Yes, I like a nice calm time. It is good for my digestion....


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