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Thursday March 8

3M Announces Program to Donate $1.5 Million to Schools

ST. PAUL, Minn. -- 3M has announced the company will donate $1.5 million to middle and high schools through its 3M Salute to Schools program in 2001, which provides much-needed security products that help reduce the loss of valuable library resources.

One hundred schools will be selected to receive, free of charge, up to two 3M(TM) Detection Systems for the entrance/exit of their library media centers, a supply of 3M(TM) Tattle-Tape(TM) Security Strips for marking materials and materials processing accessories -- a package with an average value of about $15,000.

Now in its second year, 3M Salute to Schools is sponsored by 3M, in partnership with the American Association of School Librarians (AASL), a division of the American Library Association. 3M and AASL both share a strong commitment to education and value investing in the nation's schools.

"Protecting a school's most valuable learning tools is an ongoing challenge for a library media center with limited resources and no proven security," says Don Leslie, 3M Library Systems. "One of the fundamental goals of 3M Salute to Schools is to enhance education by making detection systems more available to schools that might not otherwise have the resources to purchase them."

In 2000, 3M donated $1 million to schools through 3M Salute to Schools. AASL selected 70 schools to receive a 3M detection system from among more than 500 applicants.

"Research shows the highest-achieving students attend schools with good library media centers, and protecting library resources contributes to the overall improvement of library media services for young people," says Harriet Selverstone, president of AASL. "AASL is pleased to again partner with 3M to help school libraries preserve these resources for students throughout the country."

3M Salute to Schools is open to middle and high schools in the United States. Schools selected to receive the donation will be awarded up to two 3M detection systems for the entrance/exit of their library media centers, a supply of 3M(TM) Tattle-Tape(TM) Security Strips for marking items in their collection and necessary materials processing accessories. Individual donations will vary depending upon specific needs of the library, such as the size of a collection and the physical layout of the media center. To be considered for the donation, a school must meet eligibility requirements and be able to demonstrate a need for a detection system.

Applications are available online at http://www.3M.com/library or by calling the American Library Association Fax-On-Demand system at 800-545-2433, then press 4 and request document no. 802. Recipients will be announced at the American Library Association Annual Conference, June 14 through 20 in San Francisco. Applications must be postmarked by May 1, 2001.

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