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Monday June 18

ASA Improving Relations between Insurers, Collision Industry

Bedford, Texas, -- Establishing and maintaining mutually respectful working relationships between collision repair professionals and insurers. This is the primary objective of the Insurance Subcommittee of the Automotive Service Association (ASA) Collision Division Operations Committee.

In 2001, the subcommittee is furthering this objective, enabling a professional working relationship between ASA shops and insurers. This is being accomplished through joint meetings and ongoing conversations between subcommittee members and insurance company representatives repairers, said Nick Gojmeric, owner of the Illinois-based Collision Plus Auto Body Repair Centers and chair of the subcommittee.

"With increased competition between insurers and the realization that the claims arena is the last frontier for them to differentiate themselves between their competition, our relationships can even grow stronger," Gojmeric said. "Cycle time, fair and equitable labor rates, and wasted time such as redundant administration duties and overhead costs are significant issues to not only our members, but to the insurers as well. With a continuing dialogue, we can provide value to all."

By facilitating open channels of communication, both repair professionals and insurers will have a better knowledge of one another's concerns. Long term, the goal is to have working relationships and environments that improve the quality, speed and profitability of repairs.

ASA's Collision Division Operations Committee, through its Insurance Subcommittee, is positioned as a "solutions provider," Gojmeric said. "ASA is the only national trade association for repair professionals and the only one with a full-time lobbyist in Washington, D.C. Consequently, ASA is able to provide a platform for the many issues facing our industry," Gojmeric said.

The Automotive Service Association (ASA) Collision Division is actively working to address and improve a number of issues that directly impact repair professionals and the profitability of collision repair businesses.

Through an 11-member Collision Division Operations Committee, and its subcommittees, ASA equips committee members with specific tasks and goals, with the ultimate goal of improving collision repair. The committee is comprised of ASA members from all regions of the nation and from shops of varying sizes.

In addition to Gojmeric, other members of the ASA Insurance Subcommittee are Bob Anderson, Anderson's Automotive, Sheffield, Ohio; Kevin Caldewell, Autobody by Caldwell, Laguna Hills, Calif.; and Chris Dameron, True2Form, Raleigh, N.C.

Also, Geralynn Kottschade, Jerry's Body Shop, Mankato, Minn.; Johnny Mock, Johnny Mock's Auto Body Shop, Turtle Creek, Pa.; and Tom Prescott, The Bodywerks, Holly Hill, Fla.

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