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Monday June 25

BASF Coatings and DaimlerChrysler Sign Cooperation Agreement for Glasurit and R-M

BASF Coatings AG, Münster, and DaimlerChrysler AG, Stuttgart, have signed a basic agreement for worldwide cooperation relating to automotive refinish coatings of the Glasurit and R-M brands. Based on this cooperation DaimlerChrysler will recommend the two BASF brands for refinishing all brands and models of the DaimlerChrysler group.

On signing national agreements with the DaimlerChrysler service regions BASF will supply the DaimlerChrysler-approved automotive refinish products to all countries where these vehicles are sold and provide comprehensive local service there. The agreement requires BASF to provide training and technical assistance to spray painters working in the DaimlerChrysler dealer organization. In addition, the company will offer a comprehensive service package comprising fast and reliably delivery, meaningful advice, full support, training seminars and general information.

With this new agreement, the long cooperation between BASF and what used to be Daimler-Benz AG in the automotive refinishing area is being continued and expanded. For the first time, the scope of this new agreement includes the commercial vehicle products of the R-M brand. The special car refinishing products of both brands which Daimler Chrysler had selected and the commercial transport products of the Glasurit brand had received technical approval quite some time ago.

"The worldwide approvals granted to our products by all major car manufacturers are a success factor in our automotive refinish business", explained Jean-Pierre Monteny, head of the automotive refinish business unit of BASF Coatings AG. "These approvals form the basis for supplying our paint materials to the dealer network bodyshops of these companies. This way the car makers make sure that the paint materials comply with their quality guidelines as well as national environmental and health & safety requirements. Such approvals are granted by the global automotive industry on the basis of good quality, good service, and global product availability. Another major factor of course is our competence in the automotive OEM coatings business."

BASF Coatings AG also works closely with DaimlerChrysler, formerly Mercedes-Benz, in the automotive OEM coating area. The starting point of this cooperation was marked by the coating of the (W136) model in Sindelfingen in 1949. At present, BASF Coatings cooperates with DaimlerChrysler in 23 plants in seven countries. Together with DaimlerChrysler and Dürr Systems, BASF developed the coating process for the Mercedes-Benz A class model made at the Rastatt plant. It is only a few weeks ago that BASF received the "2001 Automotive News PACE Award" for it in Detroit, USA, in the open category of environmental advances. This so-called Integrated Coating Process thus won its seventh award. The coating process has been used in the A-Class coating lines at DaimlerChrysler's Rastatt site since 1997. Using new paint materials and application systems that do not sacrifice quality, a massive reduction in energy usage and emissions has been achieved, and coatings consumption has been lowered by 20 percent.

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