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Friday June 29

Snap-on Incorporated Names Alan Biland President, Diagnostics and Information Group

KENOSHA, Wis. -- Snap-on Incorporated, a global player in tools, diagnostics and equipment, has announced that it named Alan T. Biland president of the newly formed diagnostics and information group. Biland, who will continue in his role as vice president and chief information officer (CIO), takes on additional responsibility for Snap-on's worldwide diagnostics businesses.

The new position recognizes the increasing relationship between diagnostics and information in the vehicle service environment, and the benefits of a focused effort on profitable growth in these areas. Snap-on is a leader in shop integration, combining information with instrumentation through the use of the Internet and other technologies. The company will continue this focus on converting data into value-added information for the technician and shop owner in a manner that enhances customer productivity and profitability.

Biland has a diverse background in global business operations and systems. Soon after joining Snap-on in 1998 as vice president and CIO, he took on operational responsibility for Mitchell Repair Information Company, a leading provider of print and electronic vehicle mechanical and electrical system repair information and software. He has helped drive the company's e-business efforts, as well as the integration of Snap-on's supply chain systems. Biland will continue to lead advances in shop integration and the application of electronic, wireless and Internet-based technologies in diagnostics and other businesses around the world. Prior to joining Snap-on, Biland was director of agricultural business unit systems at Case Corporation in Racine, Wisconsin.

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