ADP Announces New Technology Enhancement with Open System Standards for Its Elite Dealership Management System

Automatic Data Processing ADP API

CHICAGO — The Dealer Services Group of Automatic Data Processing, Inc. has announced Elite(TM) Open API, a powerful technology enhancement that significantly expands the capability of
ADP’s industry-leading Elite Dealer Management System.

At the center of the technology is the Open API (applications programming interface) Partner Program, a developer-friendly application framework which enables select partners to quickly and seamlessly interface their Internet, Windows®, or Unix based applications and systems to the Elite Dealer Management System, using an industry standard interface. The Open API Partner Program sets a new standard in the integration of third-party applications, business-to-business, and business-to-consumer transactions focused on the automotive retail market place.

“The ADP Open API Partner Program provides us with real time, high speed, secure, bi-directional access to the Elite system. From the developer’s point of view, we have access to ADP’s technical resources to ensure that our integration does not jeopardize the integrity of the Elite system. For our customers we can seamlessly synchronize the CRM database and the Elite database. We are essentially creating one integrated database,” says Malcolm Thorne, Chief Executive Officer of Automotive Directions.

Prospective program participants are required to go through a meticulous qualification process in order to achieve ADP certification. Upon becoming certified, program partners are authorized to use ADP’s robust interface library and software developer’s toolkit, creating the potential for hundreds of new applications and decision support solutions.

“There are many software and web-based companies that have valuable applications and services which help our mutual clients solve critical business problems. We bring significant value to both our clients and partners by enabling secured data exchange in comparison to the many hostile interfaces that are out there. Elite Open API accelerates ADP’s solutions-oriented strategy in
helping our clients take control of their dealership operations, which we debuted earlier this year at NADA,” said Kevin Henahan, Vice President of Product Marketing for ADP Dealer Services.

Key components of ADP’s Open API Partner Program include partner technical training and assistance, a secure test environment, and access to important time-sensitive product information through ADP’s DealerSuite Internet destination.

“We have had great response to the program from the software development community across the U.S. and Canada,” states James Beveridge, ADP’s Open API Program Manager. “Elite Open API program is based on industry standards established by companies like Microsoft, IBM, and W3C, which means the architecture is truly open. For the automotive retail market this means a better
way to access data. Our Open API Partner Program may be expanded to include ADP’s next generation Dealer Management System. Our clients are given more choices because applications are now integrated into the ADP Dealer Management System.”

ADP Dealer Services provides integrated computing solutions to more than 16,000 automotive and truck dealers throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. ADP Dealer Services Group is the third largest business unit of ADP. ADP, with more than $6 billion in revenues and more than 500,000 clients, is one of the largest independent computing services firms in the world.

Automotive Directions is a leading provider of Customer Relationship Management and Data Warehousing solutions for automotive retailers, manufacturers and consolidators.