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Thursday July 12

Ford Motor Company Appoints Executives to Brand, Finance Roles

DEARBORN, Mich. -- Ford Motor Company has announced several management changes that will more closely integrate key operations in North America and sharpen the company's focus on the customer. The new assignments also optimize the company's leadership talent. These changes are effective Aug. 1:

  • In North America, Nick Scheele is appointed group vice president North America, responsible for all operations -- including manufacturing, product development and marketing and sales -- of Ford brand cars and trucks in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Jim Padilla becomes group vice president, Manufacturing and Quality. Kathleen Ligocki is appointed to the new position of vice president, Canada, Mexico and North America Strategy. Shamel Rushwin is named to the new position of vice president, North America Business Operations. Anne Stevens is appointed vice president, North America Vehicle Operations.
  • Martin Inglis is appointed group vice president and chief financial officer.
  • Wayne Booker will retire as vice chairman at the end of this year.
  • David Thursfield is named chairman, Ford of Europe while remaining president and chief executive officer.
  • Henry Wallace is appointed group vice president, Mazda and Ford Asia Pacific.
  • Richard Parry-Jones becomes chief technical officer and continues as group vice president, Product Development.
  • Don Winkler becomes group vice president, Ford Motor Company and continues as chairman of Ford Financial. Greg Smith is named vice president, Ford Motor Company and chief operating officer, Ford Financial.

"These moves reflect the depth of our leadership team," said Jacques Nasser, president and CEO of Ford Motor Company. "We're strengthening the Consumer Business Group structure by better deploying the talents of our top executives. These changes will give us an even sharper focus on our customers."

Referring to Booker, Nasser said: "Throughout his 42-year career, Wayne Booker has made very significant contributions to the growth and strength of Ford Motor Company. He has brought a global perspective, broad business experience and incisive grasp of issues."

Scheele has been the Ford of Europe leader since January 1999. In that role, he has directed the increasingly successful transformation of the business. He also was chairman of Jaguar from 1992 to 1999, during which time sales doubled and the company regained its position as one of the most prestigious brands in the automotive industry.

Padilla became group vice president, Global Manufacturing in July 1998. Before that he was president of Ford's South American operations. Padilla also served as director of Engineering and Manufacturing for Jaguar.

Ligocki has been president and chief executive officer, Ford of Mexico since January 2000. She became a company vice president in January 2001. Ligocki joined Ford in 1998 as director of Business Strategy and Competitive Analysis.

Rushwin has been vice president of Vehicle Operations since January 2000. He was responsible for managing 66 stamping and vehicle assembly plants worldwide.

Stevens has been vice president, North America Assembly Operations since April 2001. Prior to that, she served as director, Vehicle Operations in North America.

Inglis has been vice president of Ford North America since January 2000. He has held key finance and operating positions throughout his career at Ford, including assignments in Asia, Europe, South America and the United States.

Booker was appointed vice chairman in November 1996. In his 42-year career at Ford, Booker also was chief financial officer and head of international operations.

Thursfield has been part of the Ford of Europe leadership team since January 2000. In January 2001, he was named president and CEO, Ford of Europe. Prior to that, he was vice president, Vehicle Operations in Ford Automotive Operations. Thursfield has held senior manufacturing positions in Europe, Australia and the United States.

Wallace has been group vice president and chief financial officer since January 2000. He has served in key finance and operating positions in Asia, Europe and the United States.

Parry-Jones has been group vice president, Global Product Development and Quality, since January 1998. In that position, he was responsible for product development activities for all Ford Motor Company vehicles worldwide, as well as the Quality, Corporate Design, Research and Vehicle Technology functions.

Winkler continues as chairman and chief executive officer of Ford Financial, the largest automotive finance company in the world, serving more than 10 million customers in 40 countries.

Smith has been president Ford Credit since June 1997. He has served in several senior management assignments at Ford Credit after working as a manager in Product Development. He also has held key marketing positions.

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