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Monday July 16

Insurance.com Announces Online Marketing Partnerships

NEWTON, Mass. -- Insurance.com(SM), a Fidelity InvestmentsĀ® company, has announced a series of strategic online marketing agreements with America Online (AOL), Bloomberg, Bankrate (RATE), Yahoo! (YHOO), Multex (MLTX), and Learning Network/Family Education that point to the company's growing consumer appeal and Fidelity Investments' continued investment in Insurance.com. The campaign comes at a time when Insurance.com is growing site traffic by 30 percent each month, with 25 percent of those visitors being repeat visitors.

Users of the partner sites included in the new campaign will have access to Insurance.com's award winning insurance content and free auto, home, health and life insurance quotes.

Insurance.com will also premiere a rebranding campaign that features an increased emphasis on the company's affiliation with Fidelity Investments. Already, Insurance.com powers The Insurance Center @ Fidelity, accessed at http://www.fidelity.com/, which allows Fidelity customers to receive free quotes and information on auto, home, and health insurance from carriers across the country.

"Our goal with these marketing initiatives is to increase our presence in places where people are already looking for financial tools and guidance. This is in keeping with our strategy of conducting targeted marketing campaigns and building our brand over time," said Insurance.com president Lou Geremia. "Also, by aligning ourselves more closely with Fidelity, consumers will be able to more easily make that connection of how important insurance is as a part of their overall personal finance portfolio."

"With its outsourced business model, efficient operations and invaluable relationship with Fidelity Investments, Insurance.com continues to make good on its value proposition," said Insurance.com board member Rod Rohda. "As their competition is consolidating, Insurance.com is forging ahead, gaining industry recognition and consumer awareness and confidence. Insurance.com is well on its way to becoming the name people trust with their insurance needs."

About Insurance.com

Formed by Fidelity InvestmentsĀ® in June 1999, Insurance.com upholds the same values of trust, responsibility and service upon which Fidelity was founded. Insurance.com offers its resources and products to Fidelity's 17 million customers as well as the general public. In 2000, Insurance.com was named Best Insurance site by Money Magazine and was praised by Smart Money for its ease of use and wide range of quotes. Insurance.com was also selected by WebFinance as Best Insurance site in its 2001 Clicks and Picks Awards.

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