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Thursday July 19

ProcessClaims Provides Technology for New Fix Auto Program

Redondo Beach, CA -- ProcessClaims has announced an agreement with Fix Auto Shop U.S.A. to provide it's claims processing technology for FIX Auto's new automobile claims program. Fix Auto is expanding into complete claims management on behalf of insurance companies for their material damage claims.

"Over the past year, we conducted detailed due diligence in pursuit of an open architecture claims processing solution that would meet the needs of our collision repair members, insurance clients and trading partners," explained Erick Bickett, Fix Auto Shop U.S.A. Chief Executive Officer. "We concluded that ProcessClaims had the technology that we needed to be able to offer our new Claims Management Service to the insurance industry. As a long standing member of CIECA and proponent of open standards, I was excited that the industry finally has access to an open architecture communications network that will benefit all entities in the automobile claims marketplace."

"This Fix Auto partnership opens the door for ProcessClaims to extend the impact of our solution to our partners in the collision repair industry. We are very excited about the potential in this area as the we continue to streamline the claims process," stated Chuck Rich, President of ProcessClaims.

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