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Friday July 27

Insurance Auto Auctions and SEI Information Technology Partner to Create Web-Based Salvage Application

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. -- Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. has announced the signing of an agreement with SEI Information Technology, a Chicago-based IT solution provider and professional services firm, to develop a new enterprise-wide application to manage the salvage and auction process. The new Web-based system will support and streamline vehicle registration and tracking, financial reporting, transaction settlement, vehicle title transfer, and branch/headquarters communications. It will speed all aspects of the company's operations, support growth and expansion plans, provide improved reliability and maintainability, and, ultimately, deliver increased profits.

The primary goal of the new application is to deliver better, faster service to IAA's Insurance company clients and vehicle buyers, provide superior tools and applications to the branch operations (currently 58 locations nationwide), speed and streamline internal operations, improve IAA's competitive standing within the industry, and position the Company for future growth.

"The web-based system is important not only for how it supports IAA today, but for how it will support the Company in the future," says Tom O'Brien, President and Chief Executive Officer of Insurance Auto Auctions. "Not only does it give us the tools we need to do our business better, but it provides the scalability and maintainability to support our plans for growth and expansion.

"Several factors made SEI the right choice for us," says O'Brien. "SEI has a strong track record for the timely delivery of custom business solutions to its clients, and the team they put together for the project reflects that experience. Likewise, SEI has relevant business expertise and technical expertise-particularly with Microsoft-based technologies. Finally, SEI has the unique capacity among mid-sized IT consultants to offer a truly complete solution. Not only can they specify, design, and develop the system, but they can deploy it to all of our sites, and train our user community."

"We are very pleased to be working with IAA on this mission-critical effort," says SEI CEO and President John Jasper. "The project is the kind SEI seeks out because of its intrinsic rewards, and the type that SEI also has historically excelled at executing. It involves working in close partnership with a forward-looking company that is a leader in its market and in search of competitive advantage; it addresses core business needs, issues, and challenges; and, it touches on all aspects of SEI's full-lifecycle suite of services-from system conception and definition, to core system development, to deployment, and, ultimately, to ongoing support."

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