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Friday August 10

Standox Introduces New Training Program Brochure; Premiers Avus Galaxy New Exclusive Line Color

Plymouth, Mich. -- Standox North America has introduced a new brochure, Certification for the Future, featuring its training programs, which help the painter, body shop manager and distributor increase their knowledge and productivity.

Certification for the Future is a full-color brochure highlighting Standox's certification training classes. Certification classes consist of performance-based training and education processes that improve the knowledge and abilities of automotive professionals, including:

  • OEM certification training courses for every manufacturer for which Standox has an approval.
  • Standox certification for painters at standard or advanced levels.
  • Distributor certification course for a thorough working knowledge of the Standox system.
  • Standox-approved certification to qualify for the Standox Lifetime Warranty program.

"From changing autobody materials to increasing regulatory legislation and evolving paint products to application techniques, training has never been more important in our industry. As an industry leader, Standox training covers everything painters, body shop managers and distributors need to succeed. This new brochure reflects Standox's commitment to provide the training tools needed to ensure success," stated Paul Maiersperger, Standox Training Manager.

The Certification for the Future brochure is available in English (Part #ASI-030-N) and French (Part #ASI-032-N). For a copy of the new brochure, contact Standox Customer Care at 800-551-9296 and request the appropriate part number.

Avus Galaxy, a new Exclusive Line color from Standox, made its worldwide premiere in March 2001. With this latest addition, Standox now offers twelve 12 strictly limited edition Exclusive Line colors. Consistent with all other Exclusive Line colors, Avus Galaxy is named after a famous racetrack - the legendary Avus round track in Berlin.

This new multi-effect paint features fascinating sudden changes of color and contrast. Avus Galaxy transitions from a shining golden green to extravagant rosewood, varied with aubergine and silver-color tints.

The cascade of color effects in Standox's Exclusive Line colors are achieved with special pigments that break the light and reflect it in various ways, producing a multitude of changing color effects with a special aura.

Standox is a premium European product brand within the DuPont Performance Coatings portfolio.

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