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Thursday October 4

ATX and Cycloid Integrate Telematics with Tire Pressure Monitoring for Quick Response to Tire Problems

DALLAS-FORT WORTH -- ATX Technologies, Inc., an independent telematics service provider to the automotive market, and Cycloid Company, the manufacturer of the AutoPump tire inflation and monitoring system, have announced the joint development of a telematics-based system that can provide early notification of a potential tire problem.

When Cycloid's Reactance "smart" software detects a tire is losing air on a telematics-equipped vehicle (even though the tire's pressure is being maintained by the AutoPump), ATX collects that data point through telematics and quickly notifies the automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and the driver. Since telematics can also determine the location of the vehicle, ATX can direct the driver to the nearest dealership or tire retailer that the driver prefers to repair the tire. Demonstrations are currently in progress with OEMs.

The integrated telematics-AutoPump system goes well beyond the anticipated performance requirements of the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) recommended warning systems by providing replacement air to the tire, providing a much earlier warning of a potential problem, and completing the service response loop for problem tires.

The Cycloid Co., based in Cranberry Township, PA, manufactures a totally self-contained, inertia compressor mounted at the center of the wheel. The compressor uses its rotation to power a pump that continuously maintains tire pressure as the vehicle moves down the road. The Reactance software produces tire "alerts," which include such data points as wheel position, current pressure and estimated hours to reach the proposed NHTSA warning pressure threshold.

ATX and Cycloid provide a solution for OEMs to address the growing public concern about proper tire pressure and potential tire failure. The system also promotes the consumer benefits of properly inflated tires, saving money with longer lasting tires, and saving the environment with improved fuel efficiency.

"This integrated system is extremely valuable because it gives us the data to determine quickly if there's a problem with a certain brand of tire or a certain vehicle model," said Steve Millstein, ATX president and CEO. "In addition, this type of system assists OEMs in building brand loyalty, saving them warranty and maintenance costs, and enhancing their customers' ownership experience. Telematics is all about providing car owners with greater peace of mind and enabling OEMs and their dealerships to stay close to their customers' needs while driving their product."

"We are extremely excited that these two technologies are converging and providing a direct benefit to the automobile OEM and dealer," added Grant Renier, chairman and founder of Cycloid. "Coupling ATX's ability to remotely monitor the car and process tire alert messages, together with the Cycloid pump's ability to supply instantaneous on-board pressure to leaking tires, redefines the relationship between the vehicle owner and the owner's automaker and automobile retailer."

ATX Technologies, Inc. is headquartered in Dallas-Fort Worth. ATX customers include Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Ford, Nissan Motor Corporation's Infiniti division, Jaguar, and Lincoln-Mercury.

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