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Thursday November 15

BASF Expands eBusiness Offerings with ColorSourceMall.com

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. -- BASF Automotive Refinish has announced the launch of ColorSourceMall.com, its latest "eBusiness Toolbox" component. The ColorSourceMall.com Website offers BASF ColorSource jobbers and their shop customers extensive resources in areas that include products, technical data, color formulas and industry news, among other categories.

"BASF is developing a number of eBusiness solutions that will help our customers work more efficiently and effectively," said Bob Roewer, Manager of eBusiness Development for BASF's Automotive Refinish Regional Business Unit. "ColorSourceMall extends BASF's eBusiness leadership position within the refinish industry that was first established with bodyshopmall.com," he added. "In the future, we will continue to expand the site's offerings and capabilities."

ColorSourceMall.com will give ColorSource jobbers and their shop customers instant, around-the-clock access to a vast body of information, in one centralized, easy-to-find location. "Providing the latest information in one easily-accessible place is one of the greatest advantages of the Internet," Roewer explained, "and our focus is to leverage and maximize the unique advantages of the Internet for the benefit of our jobbers and their customers."

Available on demand at ColorSourceMall.com is a broad array of information that previously could be obtained only by mail, fax, CD, or by contacting a BASF representative. This includes color formulas, technical and regulatory data, product information, new product releases, bulletins, and training program information. In addition, the site will provide updates on industry news and events, industry links, and even the ability for the user to personalize his or her interface with weather, sports, and financial market information.

"Our customers will be able to spend less time finding information," Roewer said, "and in the current business climate, any time savings that translate into faster, more efficient work and reduced cycle times are a significant advantage. Our customers look to us for solutions, and by applying the power of the Internet, BASF is providing more of those solutions than ever before," Roewer added.

Among future enhancements to ColorSourceMall.com will be a transactional capability, allowing collision repair facilities to order from their ColorSource jobber online. "This will benefit both ColorSource jobbers and their shop customers by streamlining the PBE procurement process," Roewer observed. "With more efficient inventory management, material cost control, fulfillment accuracy and accounting, the opportunity for both jobbers and shops to increase their profitability is immense," he concluded.

Guy Bargnes, Director of Marketing for BASF's Automotive Refinish Regional Business Unit, described ColorSourceMall.com as the latest phase in BASF's plan to extend a host of eBusiness capabilities throughout its distribution network. "ColorSourceMall.com gives our ColorSource jobbers a competitive edge, with Web-enabled features and capabilities that are difficult and expensive for most jobbers to develop on their own," Bargnes observed. "Later this year, we will further extend this advantage to our independent multi-line jobbers with an offering called PBEMall.com."

ColorSourceMall.com is part of the BASF "eBusiness Toolbox", which currently includes the Web-enabled SmartTrak®2 color management system, the VisionPLUS® OnLine web-based business analysis toolset, and bodyshopmall.com. A new "microsite" with information about these industry-leading BASF eBusiness tools can be browsed at the BASF ToolBox website.

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