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Wednesday January 16

Grange Insurance Endorses MQVP

Troy, MI. -- Global Validators, Inc. has announced the inclusion of the Grange Insurance Company in the Manufacturers' Qualification and Validation Program, known as MQVP. Grange is the third major insurance company to endorse MQVP since its introduction in April 2000. Grange Insurance Company is licensed in 10 Midwest and Southern states. Global Validators, Inc. of Troy, Michigan is the administrator of MQVP.

"We at Grange recognize that to deliver the highest quality service to policyholders, we must work in concert with collision repair experts," said Mark Russell, Vice President of Claims. "Our goal is to specify only the best alternative parts available so the repair technicians are not burdened with returns and rework that increase cycle times. We are convinced that the MQVP requirements of design responsibility, QS-9000 production quality management practices and full part traceability are essential to the consistent delivery of quality parts. MQVP addresses each of these requirements through both process and product standards that are the same as those used by the OEM's."

"Grange began its review of MQVP in May 2001," according to Jim Bender, Vice President of Global Validators. "Mr.Parker and Dr. Allise Wachs (of the Exponent Failure Analysis Associates, an engineering and scientific consulting firm) met with us several times to review every aspect of MQVP. They focused specifically on the requirements of design responsibility and statistical process control. These are the key ingredients of the manufacturing process that help ensure product quality. If a manufacturing company cannot execute the design and statistical process controls, the parts they produce will not consistently achieve OE quality, no matter how thoroughly they are inspected."

"We consistently improve our program by listening to our clients and professional advisors. During the Grange review process we adopted several recommendations offered by Mr. Parker and Dr. Wachs that further clarified MQVP requirements and we thank them for their insight," said Ron Ritchie, President of Global Validators. "The final report issued by Mr. Parker states, "The requirements put down in MQVP are capable of governing the production, delivery and tracing of non-OEM replacement crash parts that are of quality comparable to or better than their OEM-branded counterparts."

Chris Parks, AMD/Property Manager for Grange Insurance, is organizing the introduction of MQVP. "With the assistance of Global Validators, we will conduct training seminars throughout our regions starting in January with a program launch date of February 1, 2002. We are excited about MQVP. We especially look forward to the new part traceability and management information that will help us better manage loss costs. Along with the other participating insurance companies, manufacturers and distributors, we are continuously seeking to improve service to our policyholders and business partners."

"The addition of Grange Insurance, with policyholders throughout the Midwest, nicely compliments the area where MQVP is most well known, which is East of the Mississippi River," said Jim Bender. "We are receiving an explosion of interest from distributors West of the Mississippi who will service several other insurance companies endorsing MQVP in the immediate future." The Grange Insurance Company offers auto, home, life, business, farm insurance protection and financial services in Ohio, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Tennessee.

Global Validators, Inc. of Troy, Michigan is a validation and information services company that is the creator and administrator of the Manufacturers' Qualification and Validation Program (MQVP).

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