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Monday December 16

Summit Software Solutions Releases End to End Collision Repair Network Technology Solution

Summit Software Solutions, Inc. has released CollisionRepairNet an end to end turnkey technology solution for collision repair networks, consolidators, and multi-location collision repair centers. This network technology infrastructure and application suite allows repair networks of any size to install and implement a single integrated system beginning with a shop based business process and management solution up to and including a centralized call center and data warehouse.

Frank Terlep, President of Summit said, "CollisionRepairNet provides a collision repair network of any size the tools, technology, and information systems necessary to operate, measure, manage, and communicate as a single entity. In our view, everything begins with the collision repairer. This is where the claim, customer, vehicle, and parts converge. We designed CollisionRepairNet with this in mind. By starting at the repair facility level and integrating every CollisionRepairNet module into the shop system we capture and manage information from the time a call or assignment arrives at a call center throughout the entire repair process, including parts procurement, production, and ultimately, integration into the network’s financial solution."

According to Summit Software Solutions, Inc. CollisionRepairNet is modular in nature which allows the collision repair network to select and utilize only those applications which apply to its business model. In addition to its modularity CollisionRepairNet has also been deigned to integrate with other software and technology solutions, which may already be in use within the network.

Summit’s CollisionRepairNet end to end repair network solution consists of the following modules:

C.O.P.S. is Summit Software Solutions completely integrated Claims, Operations, and Production Software solution for sophisticated collision repairers. Designed for and by large, multi-location collision repairers, C.O.P.S. is the collision industry first and only solution that combines the best body shop management features with claims, communications, and customer management technologies.

ASCENT is Summit Software Solutions completely integrated body shop management and business improvement software solution that provides collision repairers with a complete business management and improvement solution for as little as $99 per month.

TechCentral is a software based shop floor information system designed to increase shop productivity, improve internal and external communications, reduce administrative expenses, and allow technicians to access valuable technical and repair information via the Internet or other available data resources.

RepairPlan utilizes MRP and Theory of Constraint theory and technologies to combine Capacity Based Departmental Scheduling with Repair Categorization, production floor based TechCentral and ShopBoards, Departmental Checklists, automated RepairTrac production tracking system, Internet based Vehicle Status Messaging and Wireless Connectivity. Summit Software believes that RepairPlan, when used appropriately, can increase repair production by up to 33 percent.

NetConnect is an automatic, proactive data transmission software application that allows repair networks to collect and push information profiles to, according to Summit, the "right" people, partners, and companies at the "right" time and to the "right" place.

NetProgress provides seamless data and imaging integration with the SeeProgress, Inc. AutoWatch system and provides end users with the ability to import data from any estimating system, combine it with digital images, vehicle status, and other pertinent claims information, and upload to the customer's website so it can be viewed by the consumer, insurer, agent, or rental car company.

NetworkCentral is a browser-type application that provides the end user with key performance indicators for the entire repair network along with drill-down capabilities to individual facilities.

NetStor is an integrated data warehouse that provides for collection, management, and delivery of business intelligence to the appropriate people. NetStor collects, consolidates, and delivers all network data, information, and business intelligence in a usable format.

CallCentral is an integrated "thin-client" software application that provides a network call center with the ability to receive, log, and dispatch appointments and assignments to a repair facility. It allows for scheduling estimate appointments, viewing and communicating vehicle status, capacity, work in process, and other claim information to properly load balance and communicate throughout an entire network. Other features include customizable script creation and management, audit note, and other performance measurement tools.

Profit Central is an integrated proactive financial data transmission software application that allows repair networks to collect and "push" important financial information to the accounting system of their choice.

Summit Software Solutions, Inc. has announced that it plans to add several more modules to the CollisionRepairNet platform over the next twelve months.

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