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Thursday February 27

Ontario Government Announces $315,000 for Collision Repair Apprenticeship Programs

The Ontario government is investing nearly $5.4 million to help Ontarians gain better access to leading-edge apprenticeship and training programs, Dianne Cunningham, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, announced today.

"A skilled workforce is a priority for our economy and our government," said Cunningham. "Through these investments we are improving access to leading- edge training and taking another step towards our goal of doubling the number of Ontarians entering apprenticeship programs."

Cunningham announced that the government is investing:

  • $3.4 million in opportunities for people to upgrade their skills to become apprentices in 12-high demand skilled trades through the Pre- apprenticeship Training Program;
  • an additional $1 million in the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program to help more secondary school students experience the workplace and start careers in the skilled trades; and
  • $974,000 to help certified skilled workers keep pace with new and changing technologies through the Journeyperson Updating Program.
  • $315,000 in the program is allocated for autobody and collision repair training and pre-apprenticeship training at Canadore College and Naigara College

Since apprentices learn in the workplace, many employers prefer to take on apprentices with previous experience in their chosen trade. The $3.4 million investment in the Pre-apprenticeship Training Program will help bridge the gap between the skills employers need and the learning and experience of people looking for work in the skilled trades.

Most programs will also offer participants the opportunity to upgrade their academic skills to the requirements of their chosen trade. The duration of courses vary from 20 to 40 weeks, and participation in the program is free.

The additional investment in the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program will help more high school students begin an apprenticeship program while completing their high school education. In the past five years, the number of students participating in the program has grown to 9,600 from 1,500.

"Investors seek out jurisdictions with a highly skilled workforce to create new opportunities for growth and job creation," said Cunningham. "By providing our most experienced workers with the opportunity to keep their skills current, the Ontario government is ensuring that our workforce remains competitive and that a new generation of apprentices have the best teachers."

The investment in the Journeyperson Updating Program will provide training opportunities for 3,200 experienced skilled workers. The program provides journeypersons with the opportunity to train on new technologies to help them keep pace with the latest industry standards, and pass on their knowledge to other workers and apprentices.

"With this investment, we will not only increase the number of skilled workers in the province, but also help our economy keep pace with global competition," said Cunningham.

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