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Thursday July 17

Reynolds and Reynolds Announces Agreement with MOTOR Information Systems

The Reynolds and Reynolds Company has announced an agreement with MOTOR Information Systems to integrate its labor time data into the Reynolds Service Price Guide solution.

Reynolds' Service Price Guides (SPG) is designed to help retailers boost their fixed operations profits by providing fast, accurate, consistent service pricing, tighter management control and increased productivity.

"Incorporating MOTOR Labor Time with our Service Price Guides solution provides retailers with more alternatives to price both customer and internal pay repairs. Today, dealers have the option to use the same trusted MOTOR labor time data, only now in an electronic form that is up-to-date, fully integrated and directly accessible from their Reynolds workstations," said Gillis West, Fixed Operations solutions executive for Reynolds.

"Extended service plan provider sales are up 25 percent on average for new car dealers. Integrating MOTOR Time guides couldn't have come at a more opportune time," said West. "Dealers are looking for tools to streamline their claims process to the extended service plan companies. Now that Reynolds has incorporated MOTOR Labor Time, dealers can further simplify processes with the use of SPG."

MOTOR Labor Time and SPG are seamlessly integrated with customers' Reynolds dealer management system, saving retailers valuable time.

According to West, "With system integration, there is no need to look up and retype data from the paper manuals. Instead, service associates can walk up to their workstations and quickly access the information they need. Data is automatically populated in their repair orders and invoices. As a result, data entry is reduced and service associates are able to provide comparable quotes each time."

Kevin Carr, president of MOTOR Information Systems said, "It's vital for retailers to be able to accurately and consistently quote service pricing. Dealers have used and trusted MOTOR Labor Time guides for years. By incorporating our Labor Time data into SPG, we are able to provide time-saving benefits and further convenience to our customers."

Through Reynolds SPG, the MOTOR Labor Time data is available for all GM, Ford, and DaimlerChrysler franchises, as well as Toyota, Honda, and Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Isuzu Hyundai, Volvo, and Volkswagen.

MOTOR Information Systems is a division of Hearst Business Publishing, Inc.

Reynolds and Reynolds serves more than 20,000 customers. They comprise 90 percent of the automotive retailers and virtually all car companies doing business in North America.

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