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Wednesday December 10

GM and I-CAR Form Relationship to Provide Body Structural and Collision Repair Technician Training

General Motors and I-CAR have announced a training relationship to begin January 1, 2004. In the mutually beneficial arrangement, I-CAR will conduct all GM body structural repair training within the United States.

For GM, this relationship will greatly increase the availability and convenience of training on the body structural and collision repair of GM vehicles as I-CAR has approximately 800 training locations nationwide. Technicians may have reduced travel expenses and be able to spend less time away from their dealerships and businesses as a greater variety of classes and locations become available.

The training relationship also will reduce redundancy for the technicians as it serves a dual purpose by providing GM certification credits and I-CAR Gold Class Professionals and Platinum Individual points for successful program completion. GM dealer and dealer-sponsored technicians will have the same inter-industry classroom experience and take the same program post tests as industry-wide I-CAR students.

Through I-CAR, GM training also will be available to technicians at independent businesses that conduct body structural and collision repairs for GM dealerships. These businesses will earn I-CAR Gold Class Professionals points and provide their sponsoring dealers an option to meet their GM Service Training Standards (STS).

“We believe that GM technicians, dealers, and independent body shops doing work for our dealers will find this arrangement rewarding with the number of locations I-CAR makes available to its students,” says Hershel Burson, manager, training integration, GM Service Technical College (STC). “We are pleased that I-CAR will be able to maintain the flavor of GM content and influence in the program materials offered.”

As I-CAR students, all GM dealer body structural and collision repair technicians will complete their training by attending I-CAR collision repair programs utilizing I-CAR’s existing class delivery system and instructors. With this relationship, GM dealer and dealer-sponsored body structural and collision repair technicians will not only receive the most up-to-date training in collision repair, but the collision industry also will experience an increase in training consistency.

“We are very proud to have GM transitioning to the I-CAR training programs,” stated Tom McGee, I-CAR executive vice president and CEO. “The relationship between I-CAR and GM in developing and distributing collision repair training will increase the exposure of the GM repair recommendations to not only dealers, but the independent collision repair facilities, insurers, career and technical school and college students, and others that utilize the I-CAR delivery system. We believe that this relationship is not only mutually beneficial, but actually benefits the collision industry and most importantly the owners of GM vehicles.”

The I-CAR curriculum is a series of individual, modularized training programs that offer in-depth coverage of collision repair technologies and processes. Gold Class points apply to both the I-CAR Gold Class Professionals and Platinum Individual recognition programs.

General Motors Corp., the world's largest vehicle manufacturer, employs 340,000 people globally in its core automotive business and subsidiaries. Founded in 1908, GM has been the global automotive sales leader since 1931.

GM parts and accessories are sold under the GM, GM Goodwrench and ACDelco brands through GM Service and Parts Operations.

I-CAR, founded in 1979, is an international not-for-profit training organization dedicated to improving the quality, safety, and efficiency of auto collision repair for the ultimate benefit of consumers.

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