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Wednesday February 11

PPG’s Don Askew to Retire

Don Askew, Platinum Program and industry relations director for PPG Automotive Refinish will retire at the end of February, 2004. Jim Latch, general manager for the refinish group, made the announcement.

“Don has made numerous contributions to PPG as well as to aftermarket industry organizations, and is known for developing meaningful relationships with student technical schools, and furthering the advancement of industry programs.” said Latch. “He is respected as an industry leader, and more importantly as a great guy who has devoted himself to helping our customers to be successful.”

“Don Askew has served on the I-CAR Education Board of Trustees for 6 ½ years, two of those as Chairman,” said Ron Ray, executive director of the I-CAR Education Foundation. “During this time, the board had several challenges to address, and Don was always one to take a leadership role and help chart the Foundation’s successful future.”

“Don is truly one of the most memorable individuals we’ve dealt with over the past 25 years,” said Ron Weiner, president of the National Institute For Automotive Excellence (ASE). “He is one of the industry’s “go to” guys that we’ve all relied upon to give professional support and just old-fashioned common sense. He is one of the special people who have contributed to the evolution of the collision industry from a trade to a skilled profession. He’s one of a kind.”

Askew has been with PPG for 35 years. He attended Ohio Sate University and joined PPG in 1969. In 1983 he was assigned to develop a Customer Service and Training Department. He built PPG’s training program into a world-class operation, now operating 18 state-of-the-art national business development centers in North America.

In 1996 he was named Director of Industry Relations and has served on the boards and committees of the Automotive Management Institute (AMI), the Youth Development Foundation for the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America (VICA), the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR), the Collision Industry Conference (CIC), Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) and the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Board. In 1994 he received the ASAMI Annual Recognition Award.

In addition to his work with industry organizations, he was named Director of Distribution Programs in 2000 and has continued the successful development of the Platinum Distributors organization, which has been a tremendous benefit in growing the business for the members of this organization.

“Don’s positive attitude and genuine interest in people has significantly impacted the working relationships between PPG and the refinish industry,” adds Latch. “We will miss Don and wish him and his family the best in their retirement plans.”

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