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Monday June 7

CCIF Introduces Cycle Time Committee

Shop profitability is always a hot topic among collision repairers, so it was not surprising that participants at the Canadian Collision Industry Forum (CCIF) in Calgary enthusiastically accepted the addition of a new “Cycle Time” Committee.

Ken Friesen of Concours Collision Centres got the ball rolling by moderating a panel discussion with Roy Boyle (AXA Insurance), Tony Canade (Oaktown Collision), Bob Dubreuil (Akzo Nobel), and Ian McIntosh (Kirmac).

The key message was that shops should take control of cycle time and need not be at the mercy of externally caused delays. The afternoon workshop on cycle time also proved to be highly popular and provided some initial issues for the newly formed Cycle Time Committee to address. Everyone wins if cycle times can be reduced, so it’s a perfect topic for debate at CCIF where all industry segments are represented.

“Compare your industry with others and learn from their successes.” This message came across several times at Calgary’s Delta Bow Valley Hotel, the host of CCIF’s largest ever gathering in Western Canada. Urging collision repairers to seek ideas and inspiration on how to improve their businesses, presenters focused on the common thread of customer service as basis for comparison. Local shop owner and former CCIF chairman, Ken Friesen introduced Rob Renner, MLA for Medicine Hat, to open the meeting and it was Renner who first suggested that there may even be something to be learned even from an industry like flower selling.

Victor Marciano of the Alberta Service and Repair Association gave an update on industry issues in Alberta and expressed particular concern on the need to find new ways to attract young people. Marciano showed a brochure produced in a joint venture between ASRA and the Alberta government to help consumers understand their rights and what to do in the case of a vehicle accident.

The Parts and Materials Committee reported on its progress and held another busy workshop run by Merv Heffernan (Keystone) and Dana Alexander (Dana’s Collision). The active participation of recyclers and information providers raised ideas on the opportunities for further development of best practices, consistent processes, and descriptions in the whole area of parts and materials usage.

The day’s program included a panel session with Mike Mario (Regina Autobody) and Bill Stanzeleit (PPG Canada) representing the Communications Committee and fielding questions on the building of a positive message about the industry. Having collected some uplifting industry stories about shops from across the country, Stanzeleit added, “Let’s get the new web site up and running so that we can start posting the positive articles.”

There was news from Tracey Blouin of I-CAR and Linda Brown of the CARS Network on the progress being made in bringing training to collision repairers by satellite. They emphasized that this training was open to all repairers and encouraged them to request details of their closest TV receiving location where they could participate in training.

CCIF’s next meeting is at the Lord Nelson Hotel, Halifax on June 19th.

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