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Wednesday April 20

M2 Collision Care Centers Closes Door on Employees and Customers

M2 Collision Care Centers, in California, locked down on Monday, April 18. Some locations never opened on Monday. At other shops, all employees were escorted out and the doors were locked, with a freeze on all tools and vehicles owned by employees and customers.

According to an industry source, the word is that at least two creditors put M2 into liquidation. Apparently the recently announced acquisition agreement M2 made with Caliber Collision was eroding and the purchase offer was less and less. Nevertheless, on April 15, the acquisition looked like a done deal. On Saturday, the capital company that put money into M2's operation to keep things going pulled out and took back its money. As of Sunday, there were guards at the doors of each M2 location.

The next step in the process is for the courts to decide how best to liquidate. A group of former shop owners may work to get their buildings back and the shops, too.

INSIGHT received the following from an employee at M2. We have removed the writer's name.

To whom it may concern:

I have spent the entire day searching for a job. I will tell you why: Up until Friday, the 15th of April, I had a great position as an office manager with M2 Automotive. I went home Friday night, thinking and planning my day for Monday.

When I showed up Monday morning I was surprised to find Security at the door and all of the employees outside the door. M2 had gone out of business, everyone said. It hit me like a bucket of cold water. The doors were bolted shut. Everyone was crying, everyone has families to raise, young children to feed, and morgatges to pay. Where was

Was Corporate there to answer questions? Nowhere to be found. Not one word of this was told to the employees. The general manager didn't bother to show up.

ENTERPRISE knew, they got every single car that belong to them out of there on Saturday.

A few hours later I start getting phone calls from former employees: Their checks from payday (Friday) bounced! Not only did M2 leave hundreds of people unemployed, they didn't pay one dime for the past three weeks!!

I don't know what to do, I am a single mother of two and have no money to my name. I still can't belive this company would do something like this. When I checked online for any news, I could not find anything, so I decided to vent. If there is anyone that could help us please let me know. I need to find a way to get paid for the last three weeks.

I am actively looking for work, Office Manager at M2.

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