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Friday May 19

State Farm's Avery Discusses Service Select Program with ASA's Collision Division Operations Committee

The Automotive Service Association's (ASA) Collision Operations Committee recently met with George Avery, State Farm Insurance Co. claims consultant - P&C claims, to discuss State Farm's Service Select pilot program underway in California, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. The meeting was held in conjunction with the ASA Annual Business meeting in Austin, Texas, April 26-29.

The Collision Operations Committee, with representatives throughout the U.S., has been studying the pilot program since its launch earlier this year. Operations committee members Scott Kallemeyn, AAM, of Kallemeyn Collision Center in Palos Heights, Ill., and Roy Schnepper of Butler's Collision in Roseville, Mich., currently participate in the pilot program.

During the meeting, Avery provided an overview of the State Farm Select Service pilot program and discussed four items structuring the program: protection of consumer information, quality control, efficiency and competitive price, which addresses the need to receive discounts offered to other insurers and clients.

"The operations committee was very impressed with the candor of George Avery and State Farm in explaining the new program and answering questions. His willingness to be so forthcoming to our industry while introducing a new program - and State Farm's proactive stance - is to be commended," said Darrell Amberson, AAM, ASA Collision Division director and president of Lehman's Garage, Bloomington, Minn.

Prior to the meeting, the Collision Operations Committee submitted a list of questions to State Farm regarding the Select Service pilot program. To acquire an electronic copy of the question-and-answer interview with Avery, contact Denise Caspersen, ASA Collision Division manager, at denisec@asashop.org. The Q&A report will also be published in several ASA publications, including an upcoming issue of Collision Ops Actions, an electronic newsletter, and the June issue of ASA's Collision Repair Report.

"State Farm is not the first insurer to implement a reduction in the number of shops on its program nor to implement processes to make itself more competitive in the marketplace. Because of its size, however, State Farm's changes cause a significant impact on our industry," said Amberson. "As with any significant market changes there will be those who benefit and those who don't. As repairers we must continue to evolve to find success in our changing marketplace. For that endeavor ASA will continue to assist its members in finding success through education and representation."

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