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Tuesday February 26

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Reaffirms Commitment To Keep Collision Repair Data Confidential

Enterprise Rent-A-Car has reaffirmed its commitment to safeguard the privacy of collision repair data. Consistent with guidelines established by the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS), Enterprise has developed a written privacy policy that prohibits the sharing or selling of data provided by collision repairers.

In its February 12 news release, SCRS urged collision repairers to request copies of the privacy policies of companies to which they electronically transmit data, along with written explanations of the specific data elements used by those companies, how the elements are used, and whether data elements are shared or sold. Enterprise’s privacy policy addresses each of those issues.

In September of 2007, Enterprise announced a technology solution it had developed jointly with software company CynCast. The software package, ARMS(R) Automotive Exchange, works with a repair center’s estimating and/or shop management system to automatically upload repair information to Enterprise via an EMS (estimate management software) file. This makes the replacement rental process more efficient by eliminating the need for phone calls to the shop to check the status of repairs.

In addition to reducing the rental management workload, the ARMS Automotive Exchange protects the security of repair centers’ data and computer systems. The technology collects only the data contained in the EMS file directory, which is the industry standard designed for sharing estimate files between different computer systems and trading partners. Neither Enterprise nor CynCast, in which Enterprise has a minority investment, views or retrieves any other information from the shops’ internal systems, or edits or discloses any account information, without prior written consent.

“Replacement rental has been a vital part of our business for nearly 50 years,” said Lee Kaplan, Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer at Enterprise. “Safeguarding the privacy of repair data is essential to the integrity of our brand, and we are happy to support the efforts of SCRS to keep that information confidential.”

Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s privacy policy states that information captured by the ARMS Automotive Exchange “will be kept confidential and used for the limited purpose of rental management.” Enterprise “also agrees not to sell or share nor permits its third party vendors to sell or share information obtained by our ARMS Automotive Exchange.”

Founded in 1957, Enterprise Rent-A-Car is headquartered in St. Louis and serves customers in the United States, Canada, the U.K., Ireland, and Germany. Enterprise is North America’s largest car rental company in fleet size, number of locations, and annual revenue, ranking No. 21 on the Forbes Top 500 Private Companies in America.

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