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Friday July 18

I-CAR Education Foundation Appeals to Industry to Raise $100,000 for Scholarships

Due to the tremendous success of the scholarships and grants awarded this past spring, the I-CAR Education Foundation has set a goal to award $100,000 worth of curriculum grants, instructor training grants, and student scholarships in the spring of 2009 as part of its Collision Repair Education Campaign.

“Through the generous support of the Collision Industry at both the national and local levels, the Education Foundation was able to provide curriculum to 23 collision repair school programs, instructor training for ten school instructors, and scholarships for 12 collision repair students to continue their education,” said Russell Thrall III, Interim Associate Director of the Education Foundation. “The future workforce of the collision industry needs the support of the industry to assure that schools, instructors and ultimately, students who become the industry’s employees, have access to the latest curriculum and training necessary to succeed.”

Frank Thomas, an I-CAR volunteer who delivered the curriculum to one of the winning school programs comments on the positive experience he had. “It was like I was Ed Mc McMahon from Publishers Clearing House delivering a big check... The school welcomed me with a tour of its facilities and classrooms, and relayed again how important this grant was for the students of their program.”

“The I-CAR Education Foundation is appealing to the collision industry to help support career and technical education,” said Chris Evans, Chairman of the Education Foundation Board of Trustees. “With the cost of education rising, these scholarships and grants can help make a difference for students, instructors, and schools.”

There are several ways that organizations and individuals can contribute to the Collision Repair Education Campaign. Groups can host community events such as golf tournaments, casino nights, or awareness events with the proceeds going to the campaign. Information on hosting a fundraising event is available from the Education Foundation.

The Collision Repair Education Campaign can also accept donations directly from individuals and industry organizations to help fund these scholarships and grants. Any collision repair business or individual member of the industry can make a tax-deductible donation at www.ed-foundation.org or download a form and mail their donation to:

I-CAR Education Foundation

ATTN: Melissa Marscin

5125 Trillium Blvd.

Hoffman Estates, IL 60192.

If you know of a school in your area that you would like to support, please contact the I-CAR Education Foundation at 888.722.3787, Ext. 282.

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