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Friday February 13

I-CAR Announces 2009 International Board of Directors

I-CAR announced its 2009 International Board of Directors and Executive Committee following the I-CAR Annual Membership Meeting in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

The 2009 Executive Committee consists of: Chairman Tom Moreland, AkzoNobel; Vice Chairman Mike Schoonover, Schoonover Bodyworks Inc. for Automotive Service Association; Secretary Bill Stage, AkzoNobel; Treasurer Elise Quadrozzi, Crawford & Company; Immediate Past Chairman Robby Robbs, NuCon Services Inc.; Member-At-Large Bruce Bares, Hi-Tech Collision & Glass Centers; and Member-At-Large Bob Keith, CARSTAR.

"I-CAR training is as crucial to the inter-industry's success today, as I-CAR celebrates thirty years of service to the industry, as it was in 1979 when I-CAR was founded," said Moreland. "Changing automobile technology and business process improvements of today will have as profound an impact on the inter-industry in 2009 as the introduction of the unibody vehicle in the late 1970s."

Moreland continued, "The I-CAR International Board of Directors appreciates the continuing inter-industry support, and the legion of I-CAR volunteers, and the work of staff to ensure that I-CAR provides relevant and timely training to the industry.”

The remaining directors include: Farzam Afshar, Verifacts Automotive; Terry W. Angell, Warren Tech; Rollie Benjamin, ABRA Auto Body & Glass; William Brower, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company; Bruce Cooley, DuPont Performance Coatings, Inc.; William DeGrocco, GEICO Insurance; James F. Doherty, General Motors Corporation; Chris Evans, State Farm Insurance - Education Foundation Representative; David Henderson, See Progress, Inc.; John Norton, Ford Motor Company; Sam Pezzullo, State Farm Insurance – Canadian Representative; Greg Potter, for Equipment & Tool Institute; Monica Rivers, BMW of North America, LLC; James Spears, USAA; Dustin Womble, Roger Beasley Collision Centers for Society of Collision Repair Specialists.

The board of directors sets the overall strategic direction for the organization and assists in obtaining resources in support of the I-CAR Mission. The board of directors is comprised of representatives from each of the following six industry segments: collision repair; insurance; equipment, tools, and supplies; education, training, and research; vehicle manufacturers; and related industry services.

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