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Friday June 26

I-CAR Nears Decision on Canadian Licensing Agreement

The Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR), is getting closer to reaching a decision on granting a licensing agreement to a Canadian organization to assume operations of its collision repair training in Canada. I-CAR announced that it would seek a licensee in Canada early in 2009 and invited interested organizations to offer their proposals for a transition.

“We are awaiting proposals from the organizations that had expressed an interest in providing I-CAR training within Canada under a licensing agreement,” said Robby Robbs, Immediate Past-Chairman of the I-CAR International Board of Directors and Member of the I-CAR Canadian Transitional Task Force (CTTF).

The CTTF has met with the Canadian Task Force (CTF), led by Roland Taube, and has agreed upon a process for evaluating these proposals at a meeting set for early July. Recommendations surfacing from this work are expected to be delivered to the I-CAR International Board of Directors later that month.

“The process has proceeded smoothly to date and we anticipate a timely transition to the new licensee by the end of the year,” Robbs said.

“We have continued to do what we do — scheduling I-CAR classes, conducting I-CAR training, and working to support the training needs of the inter-industry,” said John Edelen, President and CEO of I-CAR. “Through the first six months of this year, the level of training conducted has closely tracked our expectations.”

Edelen said that during June, I-CAR’s Canadian operation expected to solidly exceed its planned goal for the month. “We intend to continue to aggressively support the inter-industry’s training needs and recognition programs as we transition to the Canadian industry-supported licensee,” he added.

“As evidenced by the responses received by the I-CAR Canadian Task Force, and the success of I-CAR’s training efforts over the first half of 2009, it is clear that the Canadian collision repair inter-industry desires and supports training,” said Tom Moreland, Chairman of the I-CAR International Board of Directors. “The I-CAR Board of Directors and the inter-industry at large await the results of the Task Force’s work to assure continued access to I-CAR’s timely and relevant training across Canada.”

CTF member Tony Canade stressed the importance of training to the Canadian inter-industry. “I’m looking forward to seeing I-CAR training delivered through a partnership with a new organization. This is an exciting opportunity for Canada and it is important to ensure that existing training will continue.”

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