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Friday January 29

Mac Tools Donates $10,000 in Tools and Equipment to Kansas City School Through I-CAR Education Foundation

Mac Tools has come to the aid of the Kansas City Kansas Community College’s Technical Education Center by donating $10,000 in new tools and equipment through the I-CAR Education Foundation. Mac Tools provided the school’s collision program the opportunity to select the tools, and the school selected over 60 pieces of tools, equipment, and supplies from Mac Tools that are on the NATEF required tool list.

Mac Tools Sports Marketing Manager Tony Merritt stated, “Mac Tools’ strongly supports and believes in the I-CAR Education Foundation’s efforts in assisting automotive collision students, schools, and instructors. As this group is the future of industry, ensuring that they have up-to-date tools and equipment is vital for the industry’s future success. Mac Tools is happy to provide the Kansas City Kansas Community College’s Technical Education Center with this $10,000 tool grant.”

Kansas City Kansas Community College Technical Education Center Instructor Ron Bales said, “On behalf the school and students I would like to thank the Mac Tool company for the grant to my class. The quality tools that Mac is providing my students will greatly enhance their lab work and will save time because they won't be required to share tools quite as much.”

Scott Kruger, I-CAR Education Foundation Executive Director, stated, ”Kansas City Kansas Community College’s Technical Education Center was an applicant school to the Foundation’s recent Ultimate Collision Education Makeover grant. Through their application the Foundation was able to see their requested need of additional tools and equipment for their collision program. We matched that request with Mac Tools’ generosity and the collision students of this school will benefit with the latest in tools and equipment. I thank Mac Tools for their kind gift and allowing the school to select which tools they needed as part of the $10,000 donation.”

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