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Letter to the Editor
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This article originally appeared in the May, 2000 Issue of INSIGHT

The House That PRIDE Built

"It’s all about who we are and the work we do." The National Auto Body Council proved this statement true once again in Kansas City the week of April 1st through April 7th. In affiliation with Habitat for Humanity, NABC raised $50,000 and recruited over 300 volunteers to participate in the House that PRIDE Built.

All spectrums of the collision repair industry pulled together to make the House that PRIDE Built a huge success, with individuals and companies contributing cash and labor. To mention just a few examples of industry generosity: North Star Automotive Group donated t-shirts for the volunteer workers. Farmers and State Farm both donated workers. Lunch was donated every day of the project for volunteers hard at work.

The recipient of the House that PRIDE built, Brenda Williams, worked right beside NABC participants. She and her two daughters will be able to move into the house in approximately four weeks. Although Brenda’s prior situation is unknown, it is a qualification of Habitat for Humanity that the house recipients have full-time jobs and be in need of a house. Brenda will pay the mortgage, taxes, and insurance on the house minus any interest. To keep the program flowing, her payments will be put into a revolving fund used to build more houses.

Margo Smith, the capable and dedicated coordinator of the event, commented on the success of the project. Some of the people our industry can take PRIDE in, like Chuck Sulkala, Rochelle Wickland, Karen Fierst, Mark Claypool, and Floyd Morasch, to name a few, really deserve our thanks for their valuable work. She also added that, while members have not yet had a chance to discuss details, NABC is definitely thinking about building another house of PRIDE in the future. When asked, Margo Storm said that the most fulfilling aspect of the project was meeting Brenda Williams because then "it wasn’t just a house anymore, it was someone’s home."

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the House that PRIDE Built. No matter how small a contribution, all volunteers and donators helped to give a family not only a house, but a true home.



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