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Letter to the Editor
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This article originally appeared in the November 2000 Issue of INSIGHT

November 2000 Editor's Page
The Smell of Things to Come

We’re not sure what it says about car salesmen, but we thought this cartoon was appropriate to this edition of our ongoing series on the salvage industry.

What if the salvage industry could deliver a clean, re-furbished, "smells like new" part on the doorstep of the country’s shops?

This month’s INSIGHT addresses just that question, and more. The answer to the latter question clearly appears to be yes, however the answer to the next logical question is not so clear - What are the ramifications of such full-service recycling?

This month’s feature article talks to a number of industry insiders who believe that whatever form the salvage industry eventually takes on, there needs to be very definite boundaries.

Whatever your thoughts, read the story, and then ponder this: Can the collision repair industry afford not to make a concerted effort to get more from its salvage?

And speaking of the industry feeling its way into unchartered waters: Insight has learned that at least two big-name insurers are once again "testing the waters" of the aftermarket parts industry. This edition’s Industry Update reports how Farmers and Nationwide are venturing back into these once-chilly waters. MQVP, CAPA, and a host of others are watching this venture with more than a little bit of interest.

Apparently, rumors of the industry’s demise in the wake of the State Farm court decision are a bit exaggerated.

On another front altogether, check out this month’s CSI Corner. It seems shops would do well to begin "feminizing" themselves in preparation for an anticipated rush of female customers. Some shops have already begun installing kids’ play areas and beefing up their magazine selection. Are you ready for the wave?

If not, maybe your first step could be to set up a nice little fragrance stand in the corner.

Or not!




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