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Letter to the Editor
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This article originally appeared in the November 2009 Issue of INSIGHT

Thank Goodness!

by Karen Kilbane

Difficult economic times call for down-to-earth, practical advice, and our feature article this month offers step-by-step suggestions for selecting and getting the most out of a shop management system.

There are a few articles in this issue about activities at NACE 2009, which just ended a few days ago in Las Vegas. We will provide more complete coverage of the event in our December INSIGHT. A drop in attendance this year has been blamed on the economy. Hopefully that implies that with the recession slowly receding, we can count on a healthy increase in attendance numbers for next year.

Once again, our Collision Repair Industry has demonstrated generosity in very practical ways. See page 13 for a story about the National Auto Body Council (NABC) endeavor to provide restored cars to families in need of wheels to get them where they need to go - work, school, home. Donations of time and talent, along with parts and supplies, make practical differences in struggling lives. Thank you to all who worked to make Recylced Rides a success this year.

Our TrendLine this month, on employee pay plans, provides some interesting numbers. See page 18. Check out the average weekly pay dollar amounts for entry level metal and paint technicians, compared to the weekly payckecks of experienced technicians and estimators. Metal helpers have seen a 44 percent increase in weekly pay over last year, and paint helpers are enjoying a 65 percent rise, at least according to our subscriber shops responding to the survey. Respondents indicated a 14 percent drop in average weekly pay for shop managers this year, compared to 2008, most likely due to a drop off in business, which would impact managers’ commissions

Sincere apologies to the staff at Quality Body Shop, in Akron, Ohio for inadvertently leaving the facility off our list of CSI Stars in our October 2009 issue of INSIGHT. Quality has been a consistently terrific CSI star every month for years. Keep up the good work!

All of us at INSIGHT wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!




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