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Letter to the Editor
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This article originally appeared in the February 2010 Issue of INSIGHT

Spare Change

by Karen Kilbane

In this issue, we are running our popular annual report on our “Who Pays for What?” survey. Some good news is that the “always pay” percentage is up for all the insurers this year. In particular, Allstate and GEICO showed great improvement in this area. Progressive comes in with the lowest “always pay” percentage of 24.4 percent, but Farmers and USAA are not much higher with “always pay” percentages of 26.1 and 27.1 percent respectively. State Farm is still the highest with 44.4 percent.

I will let you read the feature article and check out the insurer charts to find out more.

We all know that to live - and to survive - we must change. Congratulations are in order for DuPont this month for embracing change as a corporation in two ways.

First, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Technology Review magazine has named DuPont to the 2010 TR50, the inaugural list of the 50 most innovative companies in the world. DuPont was recognized for its efforts to develop and commercialize biobutanol with partner BP. See page three for details.

Secondly, DuPont is emerging stronger from the global economic crisis after taking a number of actions in 2009 to better position it for sustainable growth. Read comments by DuPont Senior Vice Presi-dent and Chief Financial Officer Nicholas C. Fanandakis on page six.

We have all heard the wise advice: “Be the change.” Progressive Insurance is now formally reporting on its social responsibility efforts with a new website called “Progressive Together.” The company has pulled together all of its social responsibility activities into one place. Read more on page seven.

In the aftermath of the brutal snowstorms that hit every one of the lower 48 states that made the shortest month of the year seem the longest, I am sure that collision repair facilities across the U.S. are anticipating some much-needed extra work now. We could surely use the spare change now.




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