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Industry Associations
  • Autobody Craftsman Association
  • Automotive Industry Information Center from HARA, Canada's Hamilton Autobody Repair Association
  • Automotive Service Association
  • Automotive Trade Association Manitoba
  • CIC Collision Industry Conference
  • Georgia Collision Industry Association
  • I-CAR
  • Idaho Autobody Craftsmen Association
  • IABA Indiana Autobody Association
  • NABC National Auto Body Council
  • Nebraska Autobody Association
  • SCRS Society of Collision Repair Specialists
  • Washington Metropolitan Auto Body Association


    Insurance Industry

  • A. M. Best Company Insurance Information Provider
  • Claims Magazine
  • Independent Automotive Damage Appraisers
  • Insurance News
  • State Farm Auto Insurance
  • Universal Underwriters Insurance Company


    Industry Consultants

  • Audatex, a Solera Company
  • AutocheX
  • Bodyshop Management Systems Management & Time Recording Software
  • CCC Information Services, Inc.
  • Combined Computer Technology
  • Customer Research, Inc.
  • CSiComplete
  • Direct Opinions
  • Elkins & Elkins Consulting for Collision Repair Shops
  • Houston Digital Corporation - Estimating and Management Software for the Collision Repair Industry
  • Mitchell International Collision Products
  • Paradigm Solutions
  • R*KOM Automotive & Accounting Software
  • Scene Genesis
  • SCA Appraisal Company


    Refinish Materials

  • DuPont
  • NAPA AutoCare
  • PPG Industries
  • Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes
  • Spies Hecker
  • Standox
  • Transtar Autobody Technologies, Inc.
  • TRISK Infra-red Paint Curing Equipment
  • Jobbers and Parts Suppliers

  • A. D'Angelo & Sons, Inc.
  • Airbag 2000
  • Auto and Parts: Automotive Internet Services
  • Autocenter
  • Auto Color
  • Autoservice
  • Classic Auto Mall
  • Factory Muscle
  • Ford Managers Association: Parts & Service Information
  • International Motor Parts
  • Jim Potts Body Shop  collision repair industry antiques
  • Jim's Radiator
  • Nor-Am Light Truck Parts Ltd.
  • Normann Tools Supply
  • Pro Spot International
  • Quality Assured Aftermarket Auto Body Parts
  • Shadow Products



  • Autobody Pro
  • Autobody Repair News
  • Bodyshop Business
  • CRASH Network Sample Copy from Sheila Loftus and Hammer and Dolly
  • EPA Information
  • MOTOR Publications
  • Popular Mechanics Automotive Repair
  • Collision Repair Shops On-line
    (Click above for a full list of INSIGHT shops)

  • ABRA Auto Body and Glass Homepage
  • Amazing Waterless Car Wash
  • Collision-Sharp
  • Appraisers On Line

  • The Bergen Appraisal Company
  • Hudson Valley Auto Appraisers
  • SCA Appraisal Company
  • Storm Appraisal & Management Service, Inc.
  • Miscellany

  • Carsweb
  • Charlie's Farm Toys
  • Dealernet
  • Yahoo's Auto Page
  • Goodyear Tires
  • Cadillac
  • CommerceNet Home
  • Yahoo - Automotive:Repairs
  • Racing

  • Racing News from Indy
  • Indy Speedway Site
  • Yahoo's Racing Page
  • DirtBytes Magazine--Electronic OffRoad Racing Magazine
  • ESPN's Car Racing Site
  • Vintage Racing Web
  • Official NASCAR Catalog
  • Formula One 1995 Results
  • Rec.Autos.Sport--NASCAR Image Archive


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